Velodyne’s Martini 1.5

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Velodyne’s Concept Boat The Martini 1.5

Velodyne Marine's Martini 1.5 ready for sea trials at the Miami International Boat Show

Velodyne Marine’s Martini 1.5 ready for sea trials at the Miami International Boat Show

This year’s Miami International Boat show was chock full of new products and innovations but some stood out more than others. California-based Velodyne had a boat that stood out from the crowd not only for its looks but also for the amazing new technology it utilizes.

A concept craft designed to smooth the ride while underway through any kind of seas this vessel is designed to provide a perfectly stable and level ride no matter what the conditions, even in seas up to 5 feet. Riding along at 30 plus knots out of Miami’s Government Cut inlet, this new technology proved to be able to do just that. As you can see from the link below, the deck and the horizon remain perfectly level even while running through wake and wave.

The system developed by David Hall an innovative mechanical engineer who loves boating but suffered from seasickness, is a completely proactive system that uses compressed air within four rams and a system of servos to monitor the position of the pontoons and armatures and adjust as necessary. This system proves to be faster than already existing reactive systems and is truly unique. It’s a ride that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated but will prove to be a technology that can eliminate seasickness and provide a safe and enjoyable ride in the future. The Martini name came from the possibility of having a Martini aboard and not spilling a drop while underway because of the unbelievably smooth ride. There has already been interest in the use of this technology in ferries as well as other commercial and private applications.

Martini's computer controlled active stabilizers.

Martini’s computer controlled active stabilizers.

I am sure we will be hearing a lot more about this technology in the near future. Stay tuned for some upcoming articles from this author.

We will also be covering another technology found on the Martini 1.5. More on that to come soon…

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